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For education

PowerTest .NET is a web based multi-user educational software specially designed for usage in schools and universities as a knowledge assessment tool or for web based learning.

Web Based

PowerTests.NET is web based requiring just Internet Explorer on the client machine. All the data is safely centralized on the institution database and web server.

Technology from the 21st century

PowerTests.NET makes use of the latest DHTML technologies from Internet Explorer to implement a rich and responsive user experience in the browser.

Easy upgrade

PowerTests.NET is built using the same principles as previous educational titles PowerTests and Physics in order to support upgradability.

PowerTests.NET is now on GitHub.com!

PowerTests.NET and PowerTests are no longer maintained or supported. The full source code of these products can be found on GitHub.com

Do you want a quick demo? See PowerTests.NET in action!

Watch a brief introduction of PowerTests.NET Problem Editor module by Marian Veteanu, the author of PowerTests and PowerTests.NET. See how the advanced rich editor helps you create professional questions in no time!


For a quick overview of PowerTests.NET features and capabilities, you can watch the following screencasts (press fullscreen on each video).


We recommend you to first watch the screencasts. If you need however more information about the underlying technology, you can also consult the following slides on GitHub.com!


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